BEZA Management

BEZA is governed by a 3-level management structure:

  • Governing Board
  • Executive Board
  • BEZA Office/Secretariat.

Governing Board is the highest body that undertakes overall policy decisions. It is headed by the Honorable Prime Minister with top-level representations from Ministries or Divisions of Industries, Commerce, Finance, Planning, Science and Information and Communication Technology, Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Communications, Labour and Employment, Environment and Forests, Agriculture, Posts and Telecommunications, Foreign Affairs, Home, Shipping, and the Prime Minister’s Office including the apex chambers and private sectors.

The Executive Board consisting of an Executive Chairman (as Chief Executive) and 3 Executive members to oversee day to day operation of BEZA. The Executive Board exercises all powers and performs all functions as may be exercised and performed by the Authority.

The BEZA Office/Secretariat performs all day to day activities as guided by the Executive Board. BEZA has an approved staff strength of 72 officers and staff.