Mongla, Bagerhat

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Key Site Fact



Location Mongla
Size (acre) 205.00
Ownership Government
Connectivity Well connected
Topography Plain
Labor Source Khulna/Mongla
Closets Port Mongla

The Mongla Economic Zone is located on the river Mongla. Mongla Sea Port is the second biggest sea port of the country on the south west of the country near Bay of Bengal. It is bounded by upazila Rampal in the north, Mongla EPZ on the south, the Mongla River in the east and the Pashur /Mongla Port on the west.The economic zone is on 205 acres of land. Mongla Economic Zone has gross area of 205 acres. The site is suitable for apparel/RMG, jute, food processing, shipyard etc. Construction on the site is expected to be completed by 2018 and the plots are likely to be available from 2016. Electricity supply is available at site.