Abdul Monem Economic Zone



To become the global ambassador for Bangladesh and a catalyst for the economic and social development of our country, thereby transforming Bangladesh into a middle income country by 2021 and a developed country by 2041 through the establishment and continuation of world class customer services at our state of the art facilities.


To establish and operate AMEZ as a world class facility for our valued entrepreneurs and stakeholders while serving as a pioneer Economic Zone (EZ) for the sustainable growth of Bangladesh.


  • Nurturing and serving the needs of all people (employees, customers, and those in our community) while providing them with the opportunities to reach their full potential.
  • Structuring, implementing and applying world-class policies for the development and operation of our economic zone for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
  • Contributing to the prosperity of any individual or company associated with AMEZ through the use of modern technologies to ensure high quality products and services through a dedicated, committed, well-trained and motivated workforce.
  • Investing in the future of our people and our business to realize our goal of a stronger, cleaner and stable Bangladesh.

Internationally Competitive Incentives

  • Tax holiday: 1st and 2nd year: 100%, 3rd 80%, 4th: 70%, 5th: 60%, 6th: 50%, 7th: 40%, 8th: 30%, 9th: 20%, 10th: 10%
  • Customs Duty: Duty free import of raw materials, construction materials, capital machineries, finished goods
  • Income Tax: Exemption from dividend tax (After tax holiday is over) etc

Benefits Of Our Location

Airport Access: 61.1km for Hazrat Shahlajal Airport

Seaport Access: 240.1km for Chittagong Sea Port

Road Access: 70 m for Dhaka Chittagong Highway

River Access: 600m for Meghna Ghat River Port

Seaport Access: 313.4 km for Mongla Sea Port


Fully integrated solutions for your business.


  • Excellent Location at the Gateway to Dhaka (Only 37 Km)
  • River Access: Located directly on the Meghna River
  • Road Access: 70 meters from the Dhaka – Chittagong Highway, the main North/South highway in Bangladesh

Site Size

  • A 216 acre private EZ in Gazaria, Munshiganj with the option to expand to over 300 acres

World Class Infrastructure

  • Industrial plot for long-term or short-term lease
  • Utility Service (Captive Power Plant for 24/365, Water supply, Sewage treatment)
  • Multi-Modal Logistics & Dry Port (Road, River and Rail)
  • One-Stop Administrative Services
  • Commercial facility services (financial institutions, retail shops, restaurant & recreation centers etc.)
  • On site Dormitory/Housing for employees, etc

Potential Industries

  • Textile & Garment and Accessories
  • Leather Products & Shoe Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Plastics & Other Consumer Goods
  • Machinery Parts & Light Engineering
  • Automobile & Accessories, etc

Land security

  • Land is 100% owned by AMEZ
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safety Conscious

Design & Management

  • Designed by the well-experienced Japan Development Institute (JDI)
  • To be managed & operated by experienced Economic Zone Managers

A S M Mainuddin Monem

CEO and Managing Director,

Abdul Monem Economic Zone Ltd (AMEZL), Monem Business District

111, Bir Uttam C.R. Dutta Road

Karwanbazar, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Mob:    +88(0) 1819220670, Tel:         +88 (02) 9632011-13, 9675955

Email: info@amezl.com, asmhbs@gmail.com