Investment Promotion Seminar titled “Attracting Investment In Economic Zones of Bangladesh” held at Radisson Blu, Dhaka


Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) organized an Investment Promotion Seminar titled “Attracting Investment In Economic Zones of Bangladesh” held at Radisson Blu, Dhaka on 15 March 2017. The seminar was targeted to promote the upcoming economic zone projects of the BEZA to the potential zone developers and unit investors.


BEZA’s vision is to establish one hundred Economic Zone’s by 2010 which targeted with an employment generation of 10 million & additional 40 billion exports and development of 30,000 hectares of land. Last year, BEZA appoints a developer for Mongla EZ . Now the Mongla EZ is fully ready for unit investment. Recently, BEZA has successfully selected 2nd  economic zone project developer on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model in Mirsarai EZ for 550 acres. Land development , electricity connection , construction of approach road , embankment and bridge have almost completed.


The Mirsarai Industrial City will be one of the largest and most suitable site of Bangladesh,  for setting up industrial establishments. It is strategically located in the Dhaka- Chittagong industrial corridor. At present the area of Mirsarai site is about 20000 acres with possible future expansion up to 30000 acres. The Mirsarai Industrial City will be planned city that will be a truly world-class business and industrial centre. For Mirsarai Industrial City, BEZA proposes to build strong partnerships with the private sector and local entrepreneurs and is developing a comprehensive master plan for the development of what will be the 1st self-contained Industrial City in Bangladesh, incorporating an Seaport, Residential Areas, a Tourism Park, Power Plants, Hospitals, Schools and Universities etc.


Following development works is in progress to Mirsarai EZ-2

* Site development & construction of Embankment for Mirsarai-2A EZ

* Site development & construction of Embankment for Mirsarai-2B EZ

* Construction of Administrative Building

* Construction of Access Road (3.5 km) with one Culvert & bridge

* Construction of Access Road (3.5 km) with two Culverts

* Construction of 33/11 KV Sub-station

* External water supply

* Construction of 16 Vent sluice gate at the Icchakhale channel

Public Investment for Mirsarai Industrial City (GOB Fund)

* Construction of 10 KM 4 lane approach road from Chittagong Highway to Mirsarai EZ by Roads and Highway Division, Chittagong.

* Appointed  contractor for construction of 18 Culverts/ Bridges .

* Contractor working for construction of culverts and bridges

* Appointment of contractor for construction of main road is in progress


* 230 KV Grid Station is planned by Power Grid Company of Bangladesh

* BEZA provided 50 acres of land for PGCB grid substation

* 230 KV grid line connection  DPP at approval stage is  the Planning Commission


* Pipeline LNG Gas Connection project to Mirsarai EZ by Karnophuly gas distribution Company Ltd

* Karnophuly gas distribution Company Ltd. submitted a DPP to Petrobangla for LNG connection to Mirsarai EZ

* Mirsarai EZ Protection Embankment to be constructed by BWDB total approved budget is BDT. 1183.00

* ECNEC approved the project on August 2016.

* BWDB will develop the project  with the help of Bangladesh Navy .

* Bangladesh Navy will start the construction activities within soon.

* Construction of Mini Sea Port Besides Mirsarai EZ   by Chittagong Port Authority

* Chittagong Port Authority floated an Expression of Interest for international recognized consultancy firm for feasibility study.

* Railway connection to Mirsarai EZ by Bangladesh Railway

* Bangladesh Railway has started primary assessment for railway connection to EZ.